Thursday, September 2, 2010 - Cancellation

Looks as though the YMCA closed up to renovate their floors. I think my shins could use the break. Pun unintended. I used to get shin splints when I was in junior high and had to run during physical education. I also had exercise induced asthma back then and it made physical activities absolute hell. So getting shin splints again after a little over ten years is a bit unfortunate. I think it is because I am learning a whole new way to move, and so I am experiencing some adjustment pain. I tend to hyper-extend my knees when I finish stepping and I also hyper-extend them when I am standing at rest. I have been mindful to keep my knees bent while walking around and I think this is causing the actual pain, since it only ever feels bad when I take Shotgun (my dog) on a walk around the block. I also get a knotted up feeling behind my knees when I use them like a normal person and keep them bent most of the time. My anatomical knowledge is not the best; but I think that my calves and heels have been bearing most of the weight for several years now, and bending my knees more has been distributing some of that weight to the muscles in my shin. They must not appreciate the workout! I plan on talking with my physician about it at some point, but it is probably just one more thing to work on.

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