Thursday, December 2, 2010 - Session Fourteen

Oh man, what an ass kicker that was! The entire class tonight was done in bogu, and it was all kirikaeshi and other things that are like kirikaeshi. I had trouble just doing one full rotation. My athletic asthma kicked up into high gear and I think that I may have needed to take a breather every ten minutes or so, just to keep from falling down. I really did not expect the bogu to make that big a difference as far as my actual breathing is concerned. But that seems to be an area (along with affecting how I move around and how I swing the shinai) in which the bogu has made a huge difference. But it also felt great to have my ass kicked so hard! I got back up when it was time to get back up and I figure that my ability to enjoy the struggle and have fun with it is evidence enough that I really like Kendo! Now I just need to start exercising more to build up my stamina (running is not so good on my shins, so I should really start swimming) and my arm strength and my core strength. I need to practice my swings while in bogu as well. Oh man, oh man. Huge. Huge. Super awesome.


  1. The fact that you persevered through this even with a hindrance like the inability to breathe is pretty awe-inspiring! Way to go and good job hanging in there!
    I've had issues with my shins as well, ever since I was a teenager. I began walking a lot, and increased my walking time over a month or so before I attempted to jog. Not saying you should do this (ask your Sensei), but that worked for me, and now a lot of the pain that would last days now only lasts minutes, or doesn't come at all.

  2. Thanks!

    And I noticed that, when I changed my walking gait to include bending my knees and to avoid hyperextending them as I naturally do, I got shin splints just from walking. I also got cramps just behind my knees. I think it is because certain muscle groups are just not strong enough yet due to not having been used in a normal fashion for years and years.

    So I bet it could be improved upon a time. I just figure I should do that slowly, so as not to cause injuries. I think I will start with swimming, to build up cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and then hopefully start jogging (and maybe sprinting someday!) once I get into better shape for that. Get my legs working like they are supposed to.