Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I can only stare at the absence for so long before I want to cut through it. I was holding center in the kitchen and I could not even go a minute before I felt like it was time to cut through the imaginary opponent. I had set the timer for two minutes, but I must still have a long way to go before I develop the patience to be still for that long, because I maybe went twenty seconds. I should work on that some more. I also did some suburi while sitting in seiza in the living room. I managed a whole two hundred tonight! It was the first time that I ever managed that many at home on my own. Now it will be something that I do each day and each evening. Tomorrow I feel like I will practice my swings while wearing the bogu that Sensei loaned me. There is just one more week before practice starts up again and I plan on being in better condition than I was before vacation. It is nice. Even a little suburi practice makes me feel so good.


  1. Good to hear you're taking the initiative to practice at home! It's SO easy to forget about it and not do anything at home, but our Sensei is a firm believer in home training and practice and so am I. Even just a few minutes a day can help tremendously.

  2. Definitely. I managed another 200 tonight. Right now it is just swings like we would do in haya suburi, except a little slower and I am sitting in seiza since my ceiling is unaccommodating. Once I get into the habit more, I will move on to swings that start in chudan and end in chudan. It was good. But my left hand did start to hurt in the palm. I got a new shinai (Madake Isse Bessaku) and the added weight has been an adjustment.