Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ha! I did it! This makes two days in a row in which I was able to complete the entire training regimine that I came up with! Minus about 40 sonkyo drills but I will work up to that. I was really struggling with focusing on the task that I had set down - especially since I have decided to do it every single day except the day when Yamakage meets - but some very kind and inspirational words from one of the other members on the Kendo World forums got me all fired up, and I was totally able to do it! I am wicked sore but mostly in my shoulders thanks to the katate men drills, which I am still struggling with. But my endurance is definitely growing with each day that I practice and even the sore shoulders and legs feel pretty amazing. I think my footwork is improving too, since now I can keep my right foot closer to the ground.I am super excited about class tomorrow now, and I am beginning to get to the point where my day feels pretty empty without at least an hour of Kendo in it. I wonder what I did with all that free time in the past? I think I must have been staring at a computer screen back then, waiting for it to do something different.

And also, this is apparently what happens when I am at work, drawing things between calls. Call center work is not so much fun, but there are no EMS jobs available in the area, and at least I will be able to afford my own bogu soon! Just a few more weeks! So be gentle with research interviewers when they call! We are not the evil incarnate that everyone thinks we are! Oh ... and ... uh ... please do not use me as a dummy to vent whatever resentment or ill feelings you might have toward interviewers who call you at dinner time ... you know ... should we ever meet in shiai or something like that, because I so do not want a concussion.

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  1. I like the pic! Looks like what I do at work on my downtime, except it's not so much drawing pictures as it is watching Kendo videos...and reading Kendo blogs....and searching the KW forums...