Thursday, April 21, 2011 - Session Twenty-Six

Kendo kicked some butt tonight. Sensei went easy on us for awhile and had Amaury Senpai and I run through some kihon and then the kata for the first half of class. Then he had us put on the bogu and practice kirikaeshi and the various different kihon and strikes, including a few we had not done before. I like sashi-men a lot. Of course he had us go into keiko for five minutes once we (and by we, I mean just me) we were exhausted. But it was fun! I really do need to work more on my endurance though. I have come a long way but not far enough! But now it is time for dinner and some television. I am making gyoza for the first time and I only hope it turns out as well as my pad thai does, though having them come out at all is dependent on me not eating all the gyoza wrappings first. Mmmmmm! Dough!

OHMIGOD! Gyoza are deliiiiciiiiooooouuuuus! I succeeded! Another important life goal has been accomplished, people! And I owe it all to Kendo! Um ... At least I owe it all to Kendo somehow, I am certain. (Okay, actually, I owe it all to this blog right here which gave an awesome recipe to use as my road map in this adventure.)

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  1. I was hoping to read a new post from you! Your spirit throughout your Kendo so far has been inspiring :D