Thursday, July 7, 2011 - Session Thirty Three

No class for the last two weeks. Two weeks ago class was cancelled because Maestas Sensei was having car troubles, Amaury Senpai had work that needed catching up or something, and my seasonal cottonwood allergies had left my eyes all but welded. Last week I was feeling down and needed to study for an anatomy exam. Which I wound up not studying for at all. I have been slacking so hard! Augh! I got back into the swing of things this week though! But we also only got back into the swing of things for an hour or so before the electricity at the YMCA died. Practiced in the dark for awhile until we began losing what little light the two small windows give us and then called it quits for the night. Maestas Sensei mostly just ran me through some basics and then the motodachi side for kata three, which remains my favorite because it is all about gedan. A lot more from kata three stuck in my brain this time around. Still finding it difficult to execute the second thrust though. Using my hips and weight (?) to thrust the weapon forward has been a little hard for me to absorb at the moment.


  1. Two weeks with now practice? I would be going crazy! How often do you practice?

  2. Not as often as I should.

    Right now I have an anatomy class three days a week and then work in the evenings. I am hoping to find -some- time in the afternoons to practice between then and I get in some swings whenever I take the dogs to the park. But that is about it at the moment. I can and do practice kata three in my hallway now, since the bokuto never lifts above the head. I am wrestling with summer time laziness. Laaaaazineeeeess! I am so much more active when it is cold outside.

    Yamakaga Dojo only meets once a week at the moment. I know that Maestas Sensei wants to set up a second class at some point that will be geared toward new students (which means motodachi good times for the rest of us) but we actually need some new students first. :p