Thursday, August 4, 2011 - Session Thirty Eight

Kendo journal. I have missed you. I have also missed Kendo! I have been absent from practice for something like two weeks, in part because I got overzealous and tweaked up my right ankle a bit. It was super minor but it was sore when I walked so I chose to miss class last week so as to prevent it from becoming something worthy of concern. We did some Iaido tonight. Which was fun. Murder on the knees as usual. Discovered that the Boulder Circus Center has an Iaido group or something as well. Might check that out soon. Still waiting on my bogu to arrive and the anticipation is killing me. Not a whole lot else to write about tonight. But in a real fine mood.


  1. I've always wanted to try Iaido, I think I would enjoy it. But on the other hand I know I devote SO much time to Kendo that it would be almost unfair to not devote that kind of time to Iaido, and I'm already using up about 90% of my free-time with Kendo. So for now no Iaido for me, but good luck if you decide to take it on a more serious level.

  2. I think Kendo is my first love where the two sword arts are concerned. But we tend to mix it up at our dojo between the two, as Maestas Sensei likes Iaido a lot and feels that practicing both improves the overall look and beauty of one's Kendo. But I do prioritize Kendo, as my knees just could not handle regular Iaido practice at all.