Thursday, November 18, 2011 - Session 44

Had an easily paced class again this evening. Maestas Sensei had us run through the first four kihon kata. Men-nuki-men, kote-nuki-kote, et cetera. It was my first time really running through the third kata as uchidachi and it really helped me realize just how intense that particular kata is meant to feel. Considering the fact that it begins in gedan-no-kamae, and everyone always says that gedan is the least aggressive stance, the actual aggression displayed once things get moving is pretty intense! I think I am actually beginning to finally commit those kata to memory as well. Focus and memory are both difficult for me but personal obstacles like that can be overcome with more discipline. I just need to figure out how to be more disciplined. Sensei made a joke about me being unfocused tonight so I am going to work more on that. I definitely appreciate the fact that he approaches things like that with humor and jokes, since humor is the language I understand best! I admit to being a clown! It also looks as though Werden Senpai has actually started up the Tuesday night practices at the YMCA that he had been thinking about. So now all I need to do is talk with my supervisors at work about starting my Tuesday night shifts a little earlier than normal so that I can attend. Some extra Kendo time is always good.

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