Monday, December 12, 2011 - Session 48

Tonight was another Monday night pickup practice. It was pretty good. Work did not let me out until eight in the evening so I was not there for the very start but I caught up quickly enough. Started with fifty men suburi and fifty do suburi followed by fifty more suburi and then we worked on our kirikaeshi and our testing preparations. Werden Senpai smooshed my toe again. Which means I need to work harder at keeping my left foot behind me. Our test and the Ito Cup are both coming up in just a few months and - unlike the tournament in Dallas which I wound up not attending - the upcoming tournament is a team tournament (with no individuals divisions) and so I really need to step up my game more than I have been! Practice was exhausting tonight as well! Normally, my EIA (exercise induced asthma) is not that bad because our warm-ups help me into my refractory period. But tonight I really jumped right into it from the beginning and so I wound up feeling a little wiped. But I still felt great too! It was like a steam room in my men! So much sweat! Fantastic! Unrelated to our actual practice, both Werden Senpai and I had relatively rough days today and so I invited myself over to his place after practice for some nigori and a few Bamboo Blade episodes. I definitely enjoy social time after practice, whenever it happens, and Werden Senpai also seemed much more cheerful by the time the night was done. So mission accomplished! Hopefully we will be able to get more people from the dojo in on the social time as well. That would be really nice.

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  1. We had some social time last night, too. "Second Dojo" at the bar just up the street from our dojo :-)