Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Session One

I just had my first class at the Boulder YMCA with Yamakage Dojo, and it was great. It wound up being just me and one other person - Justin - but he took the time to show me the basics and that was definitely appreciated. It was also ... a lot more difficult than I expected. I mean I expected it to be difficult but it was difficult in totally unexpected ways. The footwork felt super awkward (especially since my feet might as well have been glued to the floor when I attempted to slide) and keeping everything steady and in line was hard. It was real interesting to see how (even years later) the good habits which I learned in wushu are now bad habits in kendo, and they were really working against me. Like a lot more than I expected. I had to really fight against the old muscle memories, along with a natural tendency toward locking my knees whenever I move my legs at all. Same with hyper-flexing my elbows whenever I had to extend my arms. Then whenever I attempted to compensate for that, I would end up not extending far enough. It was pretty much awesome. Cannot wait till next time.

Suri-Ashi: 90 minutes, Unsure on repetitions
Basic Strikes: 90 minutes, Unsure on repetitions

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