Thursday, August 5, 2010 - Session Two

Shot down to the Boulder YMCA for a second Kendo session. Found out that I would be the only person there this evening, but Justin had mentioned last week that this might happen and so I was not surprised. People need to study for their summer semester final exams. I would be doing the same had my financial aid with Front Range Community College not gone all strange before the semester began. Regardless! I did not allow myself to be discouraged! I spent about an hour or so practicing the suri-ashi footwork that Justin had shown me last week, and I also ran myself through some sonkyo drills to strengthen my legs. I was able to get my feet to slide across the floor during suri-ashi this time! I had far fewer loud squeaks and stuttering trips as I did last time. But drilling out sonkyo after sonkyo was much more difficult than I had expected. I also managed to devote some time to sitting practice in seiza but had to abandon that after a few minutes, due to the special pain which can be so hard to handle and yet so good. I decided to call it quits for the evening once my legs had turned to gelatin. I hope to solidify my footwork soon so I can begin drilling out the basic strikes that Justin showed me. I am going to go ahead and purchase a shinai now as well.

Suri-Ashi: 45-60 minutes, Unsure on repetitions
Sonkyo: 45 repetitions
Sitting Practice: 5 minutes

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