Thursday, September 16, 2010 - Session Six

Two weeks without Kendo practice really helped me realize how much I enjoy and appreciate it. The two hour long gauntlet that was tonight's training also helped me to realize how much I enjoy and appreciate Kendo, even though I eventually felt like I was going to fall over and die from exhaustion. It was incredible. I think that I am beginning to get to the point (not quite there) where I can recognize my own mistakes, and so now I need to start working on remembering and applying a lesson I learned when I was EMS student: When you make a decision, you make a commitment. I need to not suddenly stop when I make a mistake, and I feel as though breaking that impulse is going to require some actual personal growth. Setting all that side, today Maestas Sensei had me striking men at the training dummy over and over and over again. Having something to actually strike really helped me coordinate my strike with my feet moreso than I have been when striking at naught but the air in front of me. I do still need to work on moving backwards, as that seems to be the moment in which my right foot crosses over my left foot the most often. But all my footwork needs some serious work and Sensei showed me some exercises that he would like for me to practice at home. I forget the names, but it involves moving back and forth really quickly while striking at men, as well as a four count box step from forward to backward to right to left. I should be able to manage to have the space I need for those exercises, though I will need to clean out my garage first.

Cleaning garages. Always a good time.

I do still feel as though the training is moving almost too quickly for me to keep up, but Sensei has been at Kendo far longer than I have. He knows what he is doing, so I am going to trust that the pace he is keeping me at is the appropriate pace for me to learn. Oh! And there was one funny moment when we both arrived at the YMCA around the same time. I had changed the bag that I keep my keikogi and hakama in. This meant that I left my lock at home! So halfway to the door I realized that I had no lock for the lockers, so I turned around and began going back to my car for the second lock. But then I remembered that I have no second lock, and so I turned around again. Sensei was watching me at that point and he asked me if I was leaving. Not at all! I did crack a joke though, and say that Kendo has terrified me and all I can think to do is run away as fast as I can. Unfortunately for me, it seems as though I ran myself right into practice! Ha! I also think I have developed my first blister and - to be honest - although it hurts to walk on it, it also feels real good in my heart. Not to get all smooshie about Kendo or anything! Oh exhausting Kendo practice, how I love thee.

September 17, 2010: I cannot move. Glorious!

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