Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I began working on the exercises that Sensei showed me at the last practice, and the linoleum in the kitchen seems adequate as floors go. I would have started sooner but I could hardly even walk right for the first three days after Thursday practice. It was a good feeling, but I am also very glad that I did not have my swim test for the rescue diving shore support training that the emergency unit is putting me through. Swimming with stiff elbows and stiff knees and sore everything would have been less than pleasant, as good as I feel about the sensation. I feel committed to doing these things at home, but it still feels difficult to knuckle down and focus on doing them. The box step he showed me is simple enough, but the haya suburi exercise is a bit more difficult, especially since I do not have any space to practice it with a shinai. It might be easier if I had some actual ceiling space to incorporate the swing that he showed me, so I might go to the park up the street tomorrow evening and see about practicing on the tennis courts up there. It is important that I do these things and so I know that I need to come up with a routine that I can keep to, but I also need to be able to commit to doing the exercises in the first place in order to develop a routine. I need much more focus. Time to go back to the kitchen and try again, and then maybe swing men from seiza for awhile in the living room.

Figures. As soon as I begin to start understanding the rhythm, and begin to get my feet to kinda do what I want, the invisi-blister on the bottom of my right big toe tears right off my foot. It had stopped looking like a blister for a few days so I figured it was gone. I guess it was not gone after all! But at least I think I am starting to understand haya suburi more than I had.

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