Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I went down to Maestas Sensei's shoe repair shop this afternoon to get fitted with some loaner bogu. I got lost in Boulder as I drove around trying to find the place, but I got there after awhile and we tried some things on. It all feels like a pretty good fit and I am super excited for practice tomorrow evening! At one point he joked that I could give it all back when I decided to quit, which is when I said that I would give it all back when I get my own set. I know that tomorrow is going to be awesome even though all anyone ever seems to share are first-time-in-bogu horror stories about feeling like they were going to die or something, which is maybe an exaggeration on my part. Even if I do feel like I am about to fall over and die, I have never enjoyed that feeling as much as I have when there is a shinai in my hand. Ha! Exciting, exciting, exciting!


  1. Wow, bogu already? Good for you! Just remember that doing everything with bogu on is a LOT different than without, and the more you do it the more natural it becomes. Just like Kendo itself! :D

  2. Thanks and for sure! I went into the garage and swung my shinai a few times with the kote on. It feels better to swing with them on but I guess I will find out tonight (easier to keep my hands in the right position with the kote on) whether it actually was better. As to the rest ... oh man ... I guess I will know in a few hours! Looking forward to finally feeling the difference.