Thursday, November 4, 2010 - Session Twelve

Had a light class tonight. It was good. I am not sure what was going on with me, but I wound up feeling winded about ten minutes into practice. It happens like that sometimes. Some days are great as far as endurance is concerned. Other days are terrible for endurance. I can never figure out what is different about those days but I figure all I can do is take them as they come! Even the no-endurance exhaustion practices still leave me feeling pumped! This evening, Maestas Sensei ran me through the various Iaido kata and I found that I really enjoyed them. It was a very different way to move but it felt much more comfortable. I have difficulties coordinating footwork with striking with body movements and all that when I am striking for kendo, but the coordination between form and attack in Iaido felt much more coordinated. I am looking forward to learning more! Sensei also mentioned that the next SWKIF gradings are coming up in a few months (but I cannot remember how many months) and asked me whether I was interested. For sure I am interested! I like having goals.

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