Friday, March 25, 2011 - Session Twenty-Four

Practice last night was good. I had missed practice last week due to an unexpectedly strong desire to spend the evening with some friends out Denver way, but I got in some good time prior to that during my daily practice. I also got in some good time afterward. So last night showed me that it is probably time to pick up a single layer keikogi since the weather is beginning to warm up, and I definitely felt the heat last night. I thought the YMCA would be more air conditioned than that but I was totally wrong! I was burning up by the time Sensei had Amaury Senpai and I put on our bogu and the men bogu felt like a furnace for my head by the time practice was done. It was awesome!

I had some problems with exhaustion during class and I also missed my shots more often than usual. Scary missed tsuki moment during practice, along with some misfired strikes that hit the sides of the Amaury Senpai's men rather than on the center line. I owe him lunch and possibly ice cream. Sensei says that I need to work more on not showing my exhaustion during keiko and I agree with him. So now I need to ramp up my endurance training! Once my breathing starts to crash everything else follows soon afterward so endurance is going to be key there. I mean, the best way to not show exhaustion is not to become exhausted.


We had four new people drop in for class. So that was cool. I think that they were college students from the area. It would be cool if they came back. The two girls apparently missed last week and were not with us this week as well. I hope that they are just without someone to drive them or something like that. It would be a bummer for them to quit after having made so much good progress. Sensei's Daughter will apparently be back next week after having disappeared for a few weeks. I asked Sensei for permission to harass/tease her about missing so much practice and he said of course I could. Not that I will! Darth Senpai frightens me! Alright, not really, but it is fun to joke around.

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with warm weather practice. I love that I can push myself through the heat and extra exhaustion, but hate that the heat will sap your energy from the moment you walk into the dojo. Many times I've been dripping sweat by the time we go to put our Men on, simply because of the warm/hot weather. Good luck with endurance training, you'll need it :-)